Healthcare Advocate Services

A typical physican has thousands of patients in their practice. They are spending less time with their patients in order to see a large number of patients per day. Getting a bad diagnosis can be a very overwhelming experience. Just when we should be paying attention to what our doctor is telling us is usually the time when we are the most distracted. A healthcare advocate can help you process your medical information.

  • Coordinate care and communicate with your medical team

  • Educate you on the disease process and help you understand your treatment options

  • Educate your doctor about your condition. No two patients are alike. Facilitate doctor patient communication and advise on methods of optimizing your doctor appointments.

  • Translate medical jargon into a language you can understand

  • Help you make well informed medical decisions

  • Oversee your care and be a support during a hospitalization

  • Accompany you on your medical appointments

  • Assist with aging relatives to coordinate their care

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